Pakistan Slowly Inching Towards a 3G License Auction

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.


Pakistan's government is expected to announce the details for the long delayed 3G license auction shortly. According to local media reports the government is still mulling two options for the license auction process.

One option will offer up to 10Mhz of radio spectrum per license, with the government expecting to earn between US$240-USD800 million.

A second option would be to offer fewer licenses in blocks of 20-35Mhz and an estimated revenue of between USD750 million - USD1.2 billion.

Although the license process is expected to be decided on shortly, the licenses themselves might not be available until 2013.

The award of the country's 3G licenses have been delayed several times, despite prior statements by the regulator that it has spectrum earmarked, and all the ground work is completed.

Telenor Pakistan has been previously reported to have already started upgrading its network to support 3G services.

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