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SK Telecom Confirms Korean LTE Launch on Friday

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

South Korea's SK Telecom has confirmed that it will launch its LTE based 4G network tomorrow (Friday). SK Telecom said that it completed deploying LTE networks in Seoul by building 1772 Radio Units (RU) and 609 Digital Units (DU). In addition to this, the company will also use its 200,000 existing 800MHz repeaters to offer LTE service in all areas of Seoul, including underground and indoor areas.

The service will launch with data-modems only, and LTE smartphones are expected to be available from September.

Starting with the LTE launch in Seoul, the company plans to complete LTE roll-out in 23 cities including the Seoul Metropolitan area and six metropolitan cities by early next year, and secure national coverage (82 cities) by 2013. SK Telecom also said that the national coverage could become a reality earlier than planned depending on the market situation.

Moreover, the company expects to introduce LTE-Advanced in around 2013, by upgrading its LTE networks. The company also projects that around 65% of total data traffic will be handled by LTE networks in 2014.

SK Telecom projects that its LTE service will attract around 300,000 users in the second half of 2011. Furthermore, buoyed by the release of LTE handsets in 2012 and national coverage by 2013, it expects to secure around 10 million users by 2015.

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