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Oracle Seeking "Billions of Dollars" from Google for Android Patent Infringements

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

USA based database vendor, Oracle is seeking "billions of dollars" in damages from Google in a patent lawsuit over the Android smartphone operating system.

A court filing from their ongoing patent lawsuit was released yesterday that for the first time clarified the scale of Oracle's demands for financial penalties if it wins its lawsuit.

Oracle owns the Java programming language - after it brought Sun Microsystems last year - and later sued Google, claiming that the Android OS is infringing some of its Java based patents.

Google is claiming that Oracle's report into the scale of its financial loss from the patent infringement is "unreliable" and has asked the San Francisco court where the lawsuit is being held to ignore the submission. Google had also tried to seal documents that related to the damages being claimed.

Oracle has now secured the release of the details, which showed that Oracle is demanding more money than the Android OS had earned since its release.

Google has claimed that Oracle is not just looking for a licensing deal for future handsets, but also seeking fines for past infringement.

A bad point for Google is the claim that it was in negotiation with Oracle of the patents, but withdrew from the negotiations over the the amount being asked for. If the judge finds that Google was guilty of "willful infringement" of the patents, then the court could triple the damages.

The case in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, is Oracle America, Inc v. Google Inc, 10-3561. It is expected to go to trial at the end of October.

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