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China Mobile Expands Coverage to the Spratly Islands

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

China Mobile has announced that it has expanded its coverage to the controversial Nansha Islands better known as the Spratly Islands.

The islands are claimed by several countries who are perpetually disputing their claims.

The extended coverage would allow soldiers stationed on the islands as well as fishermen and merchant vessels to use mobile communications in this area, said Chen Zegang, project manager of the Hainan branch of China Mobile.

It could also help fight storms and provide assistance during rescues at sea, Chen said.

The Spratly Islands are a group of more than 750 reefs, islets, atolls, cays and islands in the South China Sea between Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Malaysia and Brunei. They comprise less than four square kilometers of land area, spread over more than 425,000 square kilometers of sea.

It has taken nearly a year to deploy the network to the widely distributed collection of islands.

About 45 of the islands are occupied by relatively small numbers of military forces from Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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