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Denmark's TDC switches to electric cars

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Each year, TDC's vehicle fleet travels a total of 40 million kilometres to maintain and develop Denmark's digital infrastructure.

­With a vehicle fleet of 2,300 cars and an annual fuel budget of around US$6.3 million, TDC says that it sees enormous potential in switching to electrical cars. As early as this week, the first electrical cars will leave the chargers at TDC's headquarters in Copenhagen.

"TDC's switch to electrical cars will start off as a pilot project in which TDC employees going to a meeting in town may use an electrical car instead of taking a taxi. But in the long run, TDC has the declared aim of replacing the entire vehicle fleet with electrical cars to the extent allowed by technology," says Jess Ibsen, Group CTO and responsible for TDC's vehicle fleet.

As soon as TDC has gathered sufficient experience from the pilot project, plans have already been made to replace TDC's close to 500 passenger cars with electric cars. And when the technological development and the travelling range of the individual car allow it, the more than 1,800 well-known TDC vans will also be replaced with the eco-friendly electrical cars.

"TDC has one of the largest vehicle fleets in Denmark, and we therefore need to gather early experience with electrical cars," says Jess Ibsen.

The reason why this project does not include TDC's many vans from the outset is primarily that suitable models running on electricity are not yet available. Particularly in rural areas with charging stations far apart, the major challenge is that the travelling range of electrical cars is still relatively limited.

"But within just a few years, we expect to replace a number of the vans used in urban areas with either 100% electrical cars or hybrid cars able to switch between electricity and traditional fuel," concludes Jess Ibsen.

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