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Lebanese ISP Sues Mobile Networks to Stop 3G Network Deployment

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Lebanese internet service provider (ISP), Cedarcom has confirmed earlier suggestions and is launching legal action against the country's two mobile networks to stop them deploying 3G networks.

The company says that the two companies do not have 3G licenses, as under the terms of Telecom Law 431, that says such licenses have to be issued by the Council of Ministers, which currently has not happened.

The company says that the Lebanese Telecom Association, of which it is a member has repeatedly warned that the deployment of 3G services by the mobile networks could create a "new monopoly in wireless broadband services by introducing 3G services in the absence of 3G licensing, un-equal taxation, and fair competition among government owned and private operators."

The company also says that the regulatory regime is blocking it from selling landline DSL based services, which it consideres to be unfair and unjust competition.

A spokesperson stated: "We want Lebanon to be back on the forefront of technology and innovation. We were very disappointed to realize that Lebanon ranks last among 186 Countries in the world in internet speed! We believe the main reason behind this is "monopolistic price fixing practices and unfair competition".

The company is calling for the existing laws to be upheld and the two mobile networks to be granted 3G licenses before they can launch their mobile broadband services.

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