Apple's iPhone 4 Dominating Verizon Wireless Sales

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The iPhone 4 is the top selling mobile handset on Verizon according to the latest data released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech taking 30.1% of Verizon's consumer mobile handset sales. The figures have been published for the four weeks ending 20 March 2011.

Paul Moore, Global Director of ComTech comments: "These numbers are very impressive and clearly show that there was pent up demand for the iPhone on Verizon. Consumers are more loyal to their carrier in the US compared to other markets we survey. Those consumers who were not willing to switch to AT&T for the iPhone may have been waiting as there was so much speculation last year about the conclusion of the Apple / AT&T exclusivity deal.

"Apple saw its market wide sales share under pressure from Android in Q4 2010, but our latest numbers show that Apple's smartphone share is up to 27.2% in the 12 weeks to March 20th compared to 21.1% in June 2010. The data also indicates that many of the new Verizon consumers came from non-smartphones, meaning that increased spend on devices and bills will bring significant value to Verizon going forward.

"We're expecting Apple's leading share on Verizon to drop back over Q2, unless we see a price drop for the iPhone on Verizon. Currently, Android devices are satisfying Verizon consumer demand amongst lower cost Smartphone handsets."

Operating systems share - Smartphone sales

12 w/e
13th Jun 2010
12 w/e
20th Mar 2011
Symbian 10.1% 1.2% -8.9%
RIM 32.5% 10.6% -21.9%
iOS 21.1% 27.2% 6.1%
Windows 12.8% 4.9% -7.9%
Android 19.0% 54.7% 35.7%
Other 4.5% 1.4% -3.1%

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