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Nokia Dominates its Home Market - Three-Quarters of Finns Own a Nokia Phone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

According to a recent survey by Finnish mobile network, DNA and Nokia, only half of Finns actively use all the features of their smartphones. In addition to calling and text messaging, phones are mostly used as a calendar and for taking pictures.

Only around half of smartphone owners utilise the features of their smartphones for, for example, Internet browsing, e-mail, navigation or listening to music. Finns can be divided into four user groups: Lifestyle simplifiers (32 %), Memory makers (25 %), Work users (22 %) and Super users (21 %).

According to the survey, Nokia is still the overwhelming market leader in smartphones used in Finland. Around 71 percent of Finns own a Nokia phone, Samsung 8 percent, Apple 6 percent, Sony Ericsson 3 percent, HTC 3 percent and ZTE 2 percent.

Social media is accessed by smartphone by just a third of the users. But half of young smartphone users already access social media on their phones.

Half of users have replaced some other device with a smartphone and almost a third have decided not to buy a stand-alone device because they already own a smartphone. Smartphones have mostly replaced the use of cameras and stand-alone music players.

A total of 1,454 respondents from all around Finland took part in the survey.

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