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AT&T Says "No Surprises" in Customers Switching to Verizon for the CDMA iPhone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

AT&T says that it has not seen a flood of customers switching from its network to Verizon Wireless following the recently launch of the Apple iPhone on the CDMA network. Verizon Wireless started selling the CDMA iPhone last month, but AT&T says that customer churn has been within expectations.

Ralph de la Vega, AT&T's head of consumer and mobility businesses, speaking at a Morgan Stanley technology conference however declined to specify exactly how the CDMA iPhone was affecting its subscriber numbers and whether AT&T would suffer worse declines now or in the future.

"It's a little bit early to tell," Mr. de la Vega said. "The situation is volatile; it changes from one week to the next." he told the conference, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The migration of users between the two networks will be hampered by the incompatibility of the handsets between the two systems, forcing customers to buy a second iPhone handset if they want to switch to the Verizon Wireless CDMA system.

There was also a slight suggestion at yesterday's Apple event that a forthcoming OS upgrade might be limited to the GSM version of the iPhone, although that was not confirmed at the time.

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