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Tablets are threat to Smartphones and Netbooks, analyzes Frost & Sullivan

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The global tablets markets was the IT hardware market that had the highest growth rates in 2010. Considered one of the major IT market trends for the year to come, almost 100 new tablets were launched in 2011. With 18.3 million tablets sold worldwide last year, the iPad had the greatest market share, about 90% globally, and this share is even higher in Brazil.

With a strong initial appeal to consumers, nowadays the enterprise sector has shown increasing interest in the adoption of tablets. A recent study conducted by Frost & Sullivan analyzes the major growth opportunities in this segment in Brazil. Nevertheless, from the total units sold worldwide in 2010, only 5% was bought by businesses. The expectation, however, is that this percentage approaches 30% in 2015. The pioneer verticals in the use of the tablets are pharmaceutical, construction and consumer goods, which already presents business success stories.

The Brazilian corporate market did not lag behind and many companies have begun to study the implementation of tablets to optimize productivity and income levels. Concerning applications, the ones expected to be the most widely used are email and sales support software, as CRM and Business Intelligence tools. However, "there are still strong inhibitors impacting the penetration of tablets in the corporate market, such as lack of devices launched in Brazil, the limited application developers for tablets, low number of 3G data plans, Telco specific subsidies for tablets and high handset prices in the local market, "concludes Fernando Belfort, senior market analyst at F&S.

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