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India Sets Up Parliamentary Investigation into Telecoms Scandal

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

India's Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh has agreed to set up a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to investigate the ongoing telecoms scandal that has hit the country. The setting up of a JPC was a key demand of the opposition politicians who have effectively shut down Parliament during the winter season.

"We can ill-afford a situation where Parliament is not allowed to function during the crucial Budget session. It is in these special circumstances that our Government agrees to the setting up of a JPC," Dr Singh told the Lok Sabha during the opening address.

Dr Singh outlined the efforts that were being taken to look into the 2G licenses scandal and reminded the politicians that the ongoing Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe is being supervised by the Supreme Court.

The Prime Minister said that the UPA Government is committed to root out corruption and has acted expeditiously and transparently in this direction. "Our Government believed that as all effective steps were being taken, we might have been able to persuade the Opposition not to insist on a JPC. We could not succeed in spite of our sincere efforts," he added.

The telecom scandal erupted late last year when a review of the licenses granted by former Telecoms Minister, A. Raja could have been sold for as much as USD38 billion more than they were handed out for.

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