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Nokia Had Used Microsoft's OS in Some Earlier Devices

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Today is not in fact the first time that Nokia has run one of its devices on the Microsoft OS. Back in 1984, the company had a brief flirtation with selling computers.

Nokia's MikroMikko was the outcome of the company's attempt to enter the business computer market. The computer has 64 KB RAM and is a CP/M operating system, and ran on Microsoft Basic

There are several models of MikroMikko 1. The one pictured below is a M6 model which has two 5.25" 640 KB disc drives. But other models differ and can have one or two disk drives (360 KB or 640 KB), and even a built-in 5 MB hard disk (model M7).

In the mid 1980 Nokia merged it's computer division with Ericsson Information Systems, whose origins lay in the purchase by Ericsson of the computer business of Saab. The merged company, Nokia Data was later sold to UK based ICL in 1991 - and later became part of the larger Fujitsu group.

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Nokia MikroMikko

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