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Google Vice President Makes Disparaging Remarks About Nokia Annoucement

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google's Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra has caused a fuss after posting a message on Twitter strongly suggesting that whatever Nokia is planning to announce, it won't a tie up with Google or its Android platform.

In a message, he wrote Two turkeys do not make an Eagle" and prefaced with the hashtag, #feb11, in presumed reference to the date Nokia is going to make its Big Announcement. It is highly unlikely that a Google VP would make such a comment just a few days before a deal with Google is due to be announced, which at least removes on option from the speculative list.

The message has a certain amount of history, as it is the same comment used by Nokia's then Vice-President, Anssi Vanjoki when talking about the merger of Siemens and Taiwan's BenQ back in 2005. Vanjoki was proved correct though after the Siemens-BenQ joint venture spectacularly collapsed not much more than a year after it was formed.

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