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Mobile Data Bandwidth Jumped by 73% in Second Half of 2010

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Mobile data bandwidth usage continued its phenomenal rise with 73% growth during the second half of 2010, according to Allot Communications. Video streaming continues to drive this growth as it remains the fastest growing application type, accounting for 37% of mobile bandwidth.

The H2 2010 MobileTrends Report reveals that YouTube is responsible for a tremendous 17% of mobile data bandwidth usage and continues as the single most significant website for video streaming, accounting for 45% of total video streaming traffic. The report also shows the continued exponential growth experienced by social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook, which grew by 378% and 267%, respectively, underlining the natural synergy that exists between social media and the mobile Internet.

The use of VoIP and IM applications also continued to grow rapidly with an 87% increase, demonstrating their ongoing appeal for subscribers.

This Allot MobileTrends Report also reveals that Google's Android Market lags far behind Apple's App Store with only 9% of the overall app store download traffic. However, its rapid 177% growth rate may influence this balance in the near future.

"Our MobileTrends findings demonstrate that mobile operators must understand the value that over-the-top applications provide to users rather than just focus on the amount of bandwidth they consume," said Rami Hadar, President and CEO of Allot Communications. "As networks move towards 4G/LTE and convergence, understanding this value is likely to become even more critical as operators will be expected to provide a more enriched and personalized experience for their users."


The Allot MobileTrends Report data was collected from July 1 to December 31, 2010 from leading mobile operators worldwide with a combined user base of 210 million subscribers.

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