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Google Says 17 Countries Generate 80% of its Mobile Advertising Traffic

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google has released some more detailed information about where its 2 billion daily mobile ad requests come from. While the AdMob network generates monthly ad requests from more than 190 countries, 17 countries account for more than 80% percent of total traffic in December 2010.

According to their data, most regions had 2-3 countries that accounted for more than half of total ad requests. The remainder of the requests across these regions were spread across a set of smaller, but generally more rapidly growing countries.

Note that this data is based solely on ad requests in the AdMob network of mobile web sites and iPhone, Android, webOS, and Flash Lite applications.

Three countries - India (26%), South Korea (13%) and Japan (12%) - accounted for just more than half of ad requests from Asia in December 2010. Five countries in Asia - South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and Thailand - had growth rates of more than 1000% in 2010.

Two countries - Mexico (31%) and Brazil (26%) - drove more than half the ad requests in Latin America in December 2010. Brazil's growth in 2010 far outpaced that of any other country in the region at 1251%.

Three countries - the UK (33%), France (17%) and Germany (12%) drove more than 60% of ad requests from Western Europe in December 2010. The top 10 countries in Western Europe all experienced a greater than 400% growth rate in 2010.

Three countries - Nigeria (21%), South Africa (21%) and Egypt (12%) - accounted for more than half of the ad requests from Africa in December 2010. Sudan experienced the most explosive growth in Africa at 2466%, but started from a small base and only accounted for 6% of African requests in 2010.

AdMob Traffic by Region

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