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Mobixell Delivering One Petabyte of Mobile Video Traffic Per Month

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Mobixell Networks says that it had reached the milestone of optimizing one petabyte of mobile video traffic every month. One petabyte is one billion megabytes of data, roughly equivalent to 350 million minutes of YouTube videos.

Given the current rate of growth, and additional sites being launched, Mobixell predicts that its existing customer base will reach the five petabyte per month barrier by the end of this year.

The continued growth of mass market smartphones means that more and more users are creating and accessing video content, placing more and more stress on the operator networks. YouTube is still the biggest source for mobile video consumption, yet the rise of other video-rich websites and mobile applications is also having a big impact.

Mobixell's Seamless access video optimization reduces the video traffic on an operator network by 30-40% by implementing a set of device-aware, network-aware and behavioural-aware techniques. These techniques are designed to tailor the video stream to the devices' particular capabilities and limitations, as well as through network-aware techniques such as continuous Dynamic Bitrate Adaptation, and continuous analysis of user's behaviour to predict where best to utilize the optimization resources. Mobixell's video optimization techniques reduce the volume of data required to deliver the video traffic across the networks by around 350 terabytes every month, saving operators millions of dollars each year, as well as accelerating the delivery of video to significantly improve user experience of mobile video services.

Declan Lonergan, vice president of Yankee Group's Anywhere Consumer research group commented: "The growth of mobile video has outpaced every other form of mobile data on the operator network. It is such a large, and growing source of bandwidth usage, that failing to address it can have a significant, negative impact on a carrier's operating expenditure, potentially going so far as to put the economics of running a network at risk."

Noam Green, Associate Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Mobixell said: "The volume of mobile video traffic is already reaching over 55% of our operator's HTTP traffic and is continuously growing. Mobile video traffic is predicted to reach more than 70% of all mobile traffic, which means every operator, large and small, should be exploring creative ways to reduce that volume of traffic, as part of a wider traffic optimization strategy in 2011."

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