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Sybase 365 Expands Messaging Footprint Across South Pacific

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Sybase 365 has announced the expansion of its messaging destinations in the South Pacific over its international SMS hub. Sybase SMS 365 now enables BlueSky American Samoa, Pactel in Tuvalu & Cocos Islands and Timor Telecom, to exchange in and outbound SMS with 900 mobile operator partners around the world. Joining the hub later this year is Solomon Island's newest mobile operator, bemobile Solomon Islands.

"Sybase 365's long history and global experience as an SMS hub provider is unmatched. We are continually updating and improving our service to remain the first choice for global SMS interoperability," said Matthew Tonkin, Senior Sales Director Asia at Sybase 365. "In the Pacific region, we offer hubbing connectivity with almost 70 percent of island operators and we will further expand our reach in the coming months."

To accommodate growing demand for mobile services, Sybase 365 is also working with mobile operators in the Pacific region to join its next generation GRX hub for international data traffic routing over IP.

"As with the early days of SMS, operators recognise the benefit of hubbing connectivity over bilateral inter-operator agreements. Many mobile service providers face the challenge of having multiple interconnects, complicating operations and incrementing costs," Tonkin said. "An increasing number of operators recognize the value of delivering multiple services through a single, secure IPX connection and are selecting a combination of services to run over the IPX that suit their business needs, including voice and GRX data roaming services, as well as BlackBerry connectivity and signalling."

The South Pacific is the most remote region in the world, with only 3 million people inhabiting its 22 island countries.

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