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Disguise an iPhone as a 1970s Polaroid Camera

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An unusual accessory has been launched for the Apple iPhone that disguises it as a classic camera inspired by Polaroid's Land Camera range from the 1970s. It is just a sticky plastic sheet that adheres to the back of the phone, leaving space for the iPhone's own camera, but has caused a bit of a stir since it was launched.

Disguising phones was a very popular trend in the late 1990s, initially with retailers having to disassemble early Ericsson and Nokia handsets and replacing the plastic fascia with decorated versions. Fake wood was usually the most popular variant sold in shops.

With the rise of thin flat phones, a new trend for sticky decorative decals could make a return.

A potential downside could be that security staff in the UK (and elsewhere) seem to be paranoid about people taking photos with dedicated cameras, although they often ignore cameraphones. Disguising the phone as a dedicated camera could attract attention from more than just the phone owner's friends.

On the web: PhotoJoJo via Laughing Squid

Polaroid Land Camera Decal

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