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Parked Car Tracker App Gets Augmented Reality Add-On

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Viper SmartStart app that allows users to pinpoint exactly where they parked their car has received an upgrade to include an augmented reality feature that shows you where your car is in relation to the world around you.

In addition, a feature, SmartPark, notes a vehicle's location every time the user presses the door lock button in the Viper SmartStart app. To return to the stored location, users simply press the Find My Car button in the app and retrieve the location, accessing any additional accompanying photo or note reminder that the user may have stored. SmartPark shows a map with walking directions back to the car's location.

"Using Viper SmartStart to control your vehicle with your smartphone has been a game changer," said Kevin Duffy, president of Directed Electronics, "and the feature set continues to expand. When we launched Viper Motor Club roadside assistance recently, we promised exciting new features to follow - and SmartPark is the first of many. It's free, it's fun, and it's also useful. If you forget where you parked, SmartPark has the smarts to find your car."

"Users can also find their car using a great augmented reality feature we call SnakeEyes," said Duffy. "You just hold up your phone and a virtual view of your car keeps you pointed in the right direction."

Viper SmartStart users can simply u­pdate their app to get the new SmartPark feature.

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