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Third of Android Tablet Purchasers Want a Physical Keyboard

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Approximately one in four Americans (23%) would purchase an Android based tablet, according to a survey commissioned by Sybase. In addition, one in every two Android phone owners showed a preference to purchase a tablet, illustrating that brand loyalty could translate into higher tablet sales.

The survey also found that only 13 percent of non-Android phone owners stated intent to purchase an Android tablet, indicating an opportunity for creating awareness and education.

Tablet purchasers are also likely to use a tablet device as a laptop replacement for work or personal use. Significantly, a third of those surveyed stated that having a physical keyboard is a crucial tablet component.

When purchasing a tablet, 56 percent said they would prefer to buy a device at a lower cost with an attached data package versus purchasing a tablet at a higher cost with no contract. 29 percent of respondents stated that their ideal price for a tablet would be less than US$300.

A quarter of Americans expect their employer to provide access to tablets in the enterprise. Improvements in creativity and innovation was cited as the number one benefit tablets could bring to the workplace (18%), closely followed by efficiency, time savings and problem solving (16%) and communication, collaboration and productivity (14%).

"As users clamor to bring the latest devices into the workplace, enterprises cannot avoid evaluating the business case for tablet and other new device support," said Willie Jow, vice president mobility, Sybase. "Sybase is focused on continuing to deliver industry-leading enterprise mobility solutions that help transform businesses to better connect with their customers and better enable their employees."

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