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USA Education Market Wireless Spending to Reach $6.8 Billion by End of 2014

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Education institutions in the USA will spend roughly USD6.8 billion annually on wireless products and services by 2014, which represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 5.2%, concludes a report from CompassIntelligence. This year, K 12 and Higher Education institutions are expected to spend an estimated $5.7 billion on wireless services and equipment.

Boosted by the growth in wireless data and mobile applications that are utilized in the classroom, wireless is becoming an important IT component of schools and campuses across the nation. This includes areas such as mobile data, mobile devices (smartphones, handheld devices), and wireless voice services.

Technology and mobility use for classroom instruction and interactive learning is becoming an exciting new trend in both K-12 and Higher Education, outside of traditional administrative and general communications use. College campuses are enticing students by providing students with devices such as eReaders, smartphones, and embedded mobile broadband devices with WiFi upon entry into the universities.

"Compass Intelligence expects continued use of mobile devices in the classroom including eReaders, smartphones, handheld mobile data devices, and embedded wireless tablets," says Stephanie Atkinson, Managing Partner at Compass Intelligence. Compass Intelligence also expects a high growth in free and licensed mobile applications to be made available for students to download on their mobile devices for use in the classroom and for learning.


  • 30.6% of Education IT decision-makers say their wireless data services increased from last year to this year, which was higher than all other industries who also participated in the survey.
  • In terms of priorities for upcoming budgets, Computer Systems, Data Security, and Website/Web Infrastructure are at the top of the priority list for Education.
  • 72% believe the following statement is True this year, "It seems like my company/organization is more focused on improving the productivity of existing staff RATHER than 'hiring' new workers in the U.S."

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