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Samsung Wireless USB Chipset Supports Data Transmission Between CE Devices

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Samsung Electronics has introduced its latest wireless universal serial bus (USB) solution, developed using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology. Offered in a two chip set, Samsung's newest S3C2680 S5M8311 WUSB solution enables content to be wirelessly transmitted from a mobile host device to a tethered device for viewing.

Initial applications are cameras, camcorders, TVs and PCs with prospects for adoption in other applications including mobile phones.

"The ability to handle wireless high-speed data transmission while consuming less power is a key requirement for many consumer electronic devices," said Yiwan Wong, vice president, System LSI marketing, Samsung Electronics. "Due to power/performance issues, previous generations of WUSB products were unable to meet the consumers' expectations. Samsung's new WUSB chipset delivers up to 480Mbps data transmission rate, at an average power consumption of less than 300mW. This level of power efficiency greatly increases the attractiveness of WUSB connectivity in consumer electronic and mobile applications."

Manufactured using its 65nm low power logic process technology, Samsung's new WUSB chipset is a combination of a system-on-chip (SoC) baseband processor and an RF transceiver. The new solution can be applied in an SD card form factor, in USB dongles, or embedded in consumer and mobile applications. It allows wireless transmission at an actual information throughput rate of over 200Mbps with power efficiency ten times greater than that of the 802.11g WiFi standard.

With an embedded NAND flash memory controller built in, Samsung's new WUSB chipset is the only product in the market that can support WUSB-enabled SD cards. This type of WSUB-enabled SD card allows pictures and video captured with a digital camera or camcorder to be transmitted wirelessly from the device to a host computer, a TV or a PC monitor for viewing without any wire connections to download the contents from the SD card.

Samsung's chipset is now sampling to select customers. The chipset is slated for mass production in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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