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Nokia Shows Off New Touchscreen Phone

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Nokia has shown off a new phone the Nokia X3 Touch and Type which combines a conventional phone keypad with a touchscreen display. Expected to be on sale in the third quarter, the Nokia X3 is expected to retail for approximately EUR 125, excluding taxes and subsidies.

"Innovation is not just a high-end game. The Nokia X3 is a great example of bringing new consumer value to lower price points," said Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President of Mobile Phones at Nokia.

"With the Nokia X3 we are giving consumers the best of both worlds by combining a touch screen and a keypad in an affordable device. We have given people a larger screen with clear icons and menus plus kept critical keys such as the send and end keys. We've also added dedicated function keys for important links like music and text messaging," she said.

"We have designed the Nokia X3 to be a touch and type device because typing is ideal for SMS and social networking where fast and frequent input is needed, while touch is ideal for functions such as setting alarms, smooth browsing and controlling applications like music and games.

"Our research tells us consumers who have invested years in becoming fast one-handed, one-thumb texters want to maintain their speedy edge for SMS, chat and instant messaging - yet enjoy the benefits of touch as well," continued McDowell.

Coming in at a thin 9.6mm - making it one of the slimmest Nokia phones ever - the Nokia X3 is packed with features including 5 megapixel camera, 3G, WLAN, a music player and an FM radio.

Nokia X3 Touch and Type

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