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European mobile ad network fill rates perform significantly better than those in the USA

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Smaato Metrics for June show further significant increases by Android in global click through rates (CTR) for mobile adverts, while leaders Symbian and Feature Phones both suffer a dip in CTR Index. Smaato serves over 8 million ad requests in its network of more than 6,000 registered mobile publishers and over 40 mobile ad networks.

In the US, Smaato's metrics reveal that while Symbian still dominates the region in terms of CTR (and despite small market share of handsets), Android has closed the gap with a CTR Index of 192 (118 in May), while Apple iOS drops down to fifth place in the US with a CTR Index of 73.

The performance of mobile operating systems regarding the click through rates (CTR) again shows Symbian and Feature Phones on top worldwide. They both dropped in comparison to May, but are still leading the performance metrics compared to the other operating systems. Symbian achieved a CTR Index of 144 (159 in May) and Feature Phones came to 135 (147 in May).

Android made the largest gains in the CTR Index this month, as it climbed above Apple, to third place with an Index of 58, compared to 40 in May. Interestingly, while Symbian and Feature Phones dipped, Android, iPhone, Palm and BlackBerry all saw increases.

The Index consists of the average CTR of all devices and this number is set to 100.

Symbian remains the leading OS in terms of click through rates worldwide, this month with almost three times the click through rate of iPhone. Putting this into perspective, we have to consider the sheer number of Symbian devices compared to Apple devices, but it should again also serve as further proof to advertisers that the iPhone is far from the be-all and end-all in mobile advertising.

After three months in decline, the fill rates of the global top 10 ad networks have recovered slightly, climbing to an average of 22%. However, in June, there were only four ad networks performing above this average. The top performing ad network lost 40 percentage points in comparison to May and in June only had a fill rate of 56%.

These monthly fluctuations help to prove that an ad network aggregation system can help partners achieve the best possible return and the highest possible fill rate, across the globe.

Mobile Advertising Spotlight: USA vs. South Africa

As the world's eyes turned to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup, Smaato turned spotlights on the USA and South Africa. For the second time now, it has compared how two of the biggest mobile advertising markets line up against each other in terms of operating system click through rates and ad network fill rates.

Click Through Rates

The differences in CTRs in the USA and South Africa are apparent from the charts above. In the USA Symbian made further small gains and is still dominating the market with a CTR Index of 329 (316 in May), although on a small volume. Its closest rival Android made a huge increase in volume as well with an Index of 192 (118 in May), stretching further ahead of rival Apple, which dropped down to fifth place with 73 (compared to 111 in May).

In comparison to the USA, the different operating systems in South Africa are much closer together. Feature Phones top the CTR Index with 110 (108 in May), but the range only differs from 34 (Blackberry) to 75 (iPhone/iPod Touch). Palm is left out of this graphic, as the number of users is too small in South Africa.

Fill Rates: USA vs. South Africa

The average fill rates decreased in both countries from May to June: in the USA the average dropped by 11 percentage points (from 42% to 31%); in South Africa the fill rate decreased 21 percentage points from 72% to 51% in. Despite the drops, both countries stay well above the worldwide average of 22%.

Mobile Advertising Spotlight: Europe

In Europe, Windows Phones increased its lead over its competition with a CTR Index of 205 (157 in May). All other operating systems saw increases in CTR Index, apart for BlackBerry, which dropped by 16 points, from 91 in May to 75 in June. Android's CTR Index remains the lowest in Europe, but it has closed the gap on BlackBerry.

In Europe the average fill rate rose again to 42% (36% in May and 25% in April). Europe's fill rate is almost double the worldwide average of 22% and for the first time it's better than the US fill rate of 31%. Aside from the top performing ad network, which dropped 10 percentage points, all other ad networks improved fill rates from May to June.

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