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Surplus Mobile Base Station Electricity Used for Local Heath Centre

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Orange Foundation and Orange Niger have opened a health clinic a community medical centre in Karazom , near Maradi in southern Niger, which is being powered by solar energy provided by Orange Niger's technical facilities located nearby.

In order to provide telephone access for people in rural Africa who lack electricity, Orange is deploying solar generators to power its mobile phone stations. Its Africa-Middle East-Africa region (AMEA) today has 200 solar plants. Given that a solar plant produces surplus energy on a regular basis, Orange is launching a pilot project to use this surplus energy to power the Karazomé health clinic.

This pilot project could be extended, as needed, to electrify schools, health centres, or public lighting depending on how close they are to the solar power plant.

This technical programme was initially designed to meet two major challenges for the Group: make communication services accessible for the greatest number of people and preserve the environment. But today it also incorporates an additional societal dimension: For each plant producing an average 25% surplus energy, Orange will evaluate case by case with local actors how to best use this energy to meet local villagers' needs.

As part of their patronage actions, the Orange Foundation and Orange Niger have funded electrification for the Karazomé health clinic, installed a water supply and equipped and fitted it out with medical equipment. These measures allow drugs to be stored and improves the conditions for the health staff working there.

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