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40% of App Owners Use Them When Making Shopping Decisions

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Among those who use a smartphone with applications (apps), 40% refer to apps at least "sometimes" when making decisions while shopping and, with iAd poised to bring app advertising to a new level, 32% already say they are more inclined to buy from companies that advertise in apps a much higher proportion than for other emerging platforms, according to a report from Knowledge Networks.

In addition, among app owners ages 13 to 54, 40% say the ads are "usually relevant to my needs and interests," while 46% report that the ads generally fit well with the ad context. Filly 70% said that adverts are a fair price to pay for getting a free app - even though an equal proportion feel that ads interfere with their enjoyment of apps.

One notable finding from the report is that likelihood to purchase from app advertisers is roughly twice as high as the equivalent level for advertisers in two other emerging media previously surveyed by KN: HDTV and social media.

The new report also reveals significant differences among users of the different types of smartphones; for example, people with iPhones

  • typically have 29 apps on their phones - compared to 19 for Android users and 4 for BlackBerry users,
  • are about three times more likely to have paid apps compared with non-iPhone users, and
  • are much more likely to be receptive to advertising in apps.


The study was conducted in April 2010 among 1,004 smartphone owners (ages 13 to 54) who are members of KnowledgePanel. The margin of error for questions asked of the full study sample is +/- 3%.

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