Google Activating 160,000 Android Phones Per Day

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google is now activating around 160 000 new Android based smartphones each day equivalent to 4.8m a month according to the company's chief executive Eric Schmidt. In an interview with The Guardian newspaper he added that the number is also accelerating having been put at 100 000 a day in the third week of May.

At those numbers, roughly 15m Android smartphones would be sold every quarter, compared with a worldwide total of 54m sold in the first quarter of 2010, according to the research company Gartner.

Google gets a notification whenever a smartphone using the Android operating system is activated by a mobile network.

Schmidt also said that the Android apps store now had around 65,000 downloadable applications available, compared to 50,000 just one month ago.

Schmidt declined to comment when asked which other handset manufacturer is seen as Android's biggest competitor. Schmidt said: "I try to spend my time not focusing on those questions." He also declined to comment when asked if the company is in talk with Nokia about launching a range of Android based phones.

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