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Mobile Virus 'MMS Bomber' Spreading Rapidly in China

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Recently a new mobile virus named "MMS Bomber" has run rampant in China, and millions of Chinese mobile phones were impacted, reported Beijing Business News. The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Center of China has alerted mobile users that the targets of the virus are mobile devices with S60 3rd OS, mostly Nokia and Samsung smart phones.

The virus is disguised as an application; once installed, the virus will automatically connect to the internet and send MMS containing a malicious URL to random mobile phone numbers without the user's awareness, and result in financial losses to mobile users.

The virus was first captured by the Mobile Security Center of NetQin Mobile, a mobile security service provider, in early February. The company's statistic shows that at least 100,000 mobile phones were infected up to now.

It's notable that the virus has defence mechanisms. Once infected, the virus will disable the system management program on the mobile phone, and mobile users will not be able to uninstall the virus, says Dr. Zou Shihong, Chief Scientist of NetQin.

NetQin has now launched a software application which can scan and remove the virus successfully.

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