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Enterprise Communications Forever Changed by Mobility and IP

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Fixed Mobile Convergence and Unified Communications are at a crossroads, where new structural conditions are allowing early mainstream deployment into a mass market, with marketing the current key challenge to participants, reports Strategy Analytics.

Business Fixed Mobile Convergence and Unified Communications (FMC-UC) is being driven by a combination of factors, including the saturation of vendors' traditional core markets - causing them to seek expansion in adjacent markets - and the drive by businesses to save costs, raise productivity and become more market-facing. These dynamics are set against a key underlying trend: the shift to all-IP technologies or 'any app, on any device, on any network,' which is breaking down traditional barriers to competition and causing substantial realignment of value in the market.

All-IP technologies, supplier ambition and customer demand are also jointly fueling the expansion of Cloud services across FMC-UC. This explosive mix of changing conditions will create winners and losers in a long-term play that is entering a new phase. The most urgent challenge now is for marketing in FMC-UC to catch up with these structural developments, including in areas of segmentation, channels, role of resellers, customer management, selling and branding.

"The global recession has served as a catalyst in changing the structure and dynamics of the business communications market - things won't be the same after the recession as they were before," commented Andrew Brown, Director Wireless Enterprise Strategies and co-author of the report.

"The shift to IP technologies and Cloud computing represents major opportunities in different segments for mobile operators, converged operators, software providers and device vendors, allowing both small and large organizations to benefit from FMC-UC," Brown added. "We are going to see some interesting times also for fixed operators, fixed equipment vendors and system integrators, as these changes threaten their established bases."

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