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Smartphones driving adoption of mobile TV

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Consumer demand for mobile TV and VOD is being driven by the ability of smartphones to deliver personalised and targeted content that can be accessed immediately. The recent Olswang 'Digital Convergence' Survey of UK consumers revealed that ownership of an iPhone encouraged 37% of users to substitute their home TV viewing by watching VOD services on their device.

MobiTV, a provider of live streaming and VOD services, believes that devices like the iPhone have transformed the experience of watching TV on a mobile handset and support the view that smart phones will continue to drive consumer adoption of mobile TV services.

Jan Olin, European Managing Director for MobiTV, believes that the iPhone has changed the perception of watching live TV and VOD on a mobile device altogether, educating users to the possibilities that the mobile platform can offer. MobiTV itself has developed a range of live streaming and VOD applications that are compatible with all the major smartphone platforms including the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Olin commented: "Smartphones provide an end-user experience that suits the requirements of consumers that want to watch, and interact with, audio visual content while they are on the move. It is now possible to provide services that offer compelling content that can be accessed immediately, removing the need to have to search for your favourite programmes. Services can now be customised to reflect your lifestyle and your preferences, providing consumers with the option to select the content they want to watch, at a time they want to watch it."

He added: "The success of live TV and VOD on smart phones has shown that consumers are now willing to pay for access to audio and visual content on a mobile device."

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