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Nearly Two Billion Bluetooth Chipsets to Ship in 2014

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Nearly two billion Bluetooth chipsets are forecast to ship in 2014 alone, according to new market data released by ABI Research. More than half will be found in wireless handsets. In the same year, almost 1.5 billion Wi Fi chipsets are expected to ship and again, more than one third of that total will be used in handsets.

"Several factors are driving the strong growth in Bluetooth and even more in Wi-Fi chipset markets," notes practice director Philip Solis. "Average selling prices for both technologies continue to fall. Wi-Fi will get a big boost from Wi-Fi Direct, which allows direct peer-to-peer communication between devices at short range. Finally, the ubiquitous Bluetooth is increasingly found in combination with a variety of other technologies, including FM radio, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

"Combining Bluetooth with other technologies in a single chipset helps reduce costs," says Solis. "It also saves space in devices such as handsets where that may be a precious commodity. In 2014, Bluetooth will be found in 70% of all handsets and 83% of all netbooks."

Bluetooth will also increasingly be supplemented by the newer "BLE" or Bluetooth Low-Energy.

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