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Telecoms San Frontiers Sends Relief Team to the Samoa Islands

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The telecoms disaster relief charity, Telecoms San Frontiers (TSF) has deployed a team of staff to the Samoa Islands following the earthquake and tsunami that hit the region a couple of days ago.

TSF will support the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team in its assessment missions, and will be able to identify and respond to every telecom issue at the heart of the crisis.

TSF maintains teams of volunteers around the globe who are sent to sites of natural disasters to provide emergency communications services to both victims wanting to contact relatives and also to other aid agencies needing to coordinate their efforts.

Entire villages had been wiped out in Samoa on the worst-hit south and southwest coasts where thousands of people live. Several tourist resorts and villages were devastated. Telecommunications and power were cut in many areas, and major roads were badly damaged.

According to the latest estimations, more than 120 people were killed, hundreds were injured and thousands of people were left homeless. Many more deaths are likely to be reported in the tragedy. People in Samoa were reported to be returning to the sites of their homes to inspect the damage and search for the missing.

The TSF team will remain in the zone in order to guarantee telecom solutions that benefit United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination.

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