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New Zealand to Ban Mobile Phone Based Navigation Systems While Driving

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

New Zealand's Transport Ministry has confirmed that a forthcoming ban on using mobile phones while driving will also ban the use of smartphone based in car navigation systems.

Under the new law, that would be illegal, Transport Ministry spokesman John Summers told The Dominion Post. "The Road User Amendment Rule 2009 means drivers will not be able to look at a navigation aid on a mobile phone when driving, even if it is mounted on the dashboard.

"You can use a mobile phone held in a cradle while driving, but only to make, receive or terminate a phone call. You cannot use them in any other way, such as reading a GPS map, reading email or consulting an electronic diary."

The restriction will only apply to navigation systems with mobile phone functionality.

Eric Hertz, CEO of the newly launched 2degrees mobile network was recently involved in a minor road accident which was put down to inattention when he glanced at his iPhone for directions. He has previously said that supports the planned ban on using mobile phones while driving without a hands-free kit.

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