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Bulgarian Operators to "Educate" the Public About Phone Tower Safety

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Bulgaria's three mobile network operators have agreed to develop a joint communication strategy aimed at informing the public on the safety of mobile base stations and aerials, it was reported after a work meeting of the chief technical officers of the three companies.

Globul Chief Technical Officer Mr. Apostolos Pagkoutsos, Mobiltel Chief Technical Officer Mr. Alexander Kuchar and Vivacom's Chief Operational Officer Mr. Timos Tsokanis discussed the main goals and elements of the strategy, to be developed in accordance to the recommendations of the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.

The draft strategy envisages large-scale publicity campaign to inform the public on the basic principles of mobile networks operation, the safety measures that the operators undertake in the development of their networks and services, the respective regulations in Bulgaria and the best practices in the EU and the world.

Globul and other mobile operators says that they believe that the joint communication strategy will dispel the concerns of some members of the public related to the safety of mobile base stations and will dismiss some untrue believes and myths about aerials.

During the meeting, the representatives of the three operators also decided to request a meeting with the experts of the intergovernmental workgroup, which is to analyse and assess the active Bulgarian regulations and the best practises in the field of EMF protection and which was established under an order of the Prime Minister. The executives reminded that Bulgarian EMF regulations are much stricter that those in most EU countries.

"The main goal of the joint communication strategy is to offer Bulgarian public truthful, clear and detailed information on the development, the operation and the control of the mobile base stations and aerials. Globul equipment presents no threat to the public health because our company develops and operates its network in full compliance to the active rules and regulations and it is constantly monitored by the respective control authorities." - commented Globul Chief Technical Officer Mr. Apostolos Pagkoutsos.

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