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Brits Switching Away from Voice Calls to Texting and Online Chat

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Despite 74 million mobile phones being used in the UK today telephone conversation is dying out, according to new research from price comparison website, uSwitch. Over half (58%) of Brits are now making less than one call a day on their mobile, while 44% are making less than one call a day from their home landline. And it's not because they're making cheeky calls from work instead. Two thirds (66%) claim not to make any personal calls from their work phone.

Conversation could be a dying art form as people rapidly replace picking up the phone with emails, texts, social networking and tweets. According to Ofcom, 60 billion text messages are sent a year in the UK, with the average person sending 67 texts a month - as a nation only the USA, Poland and Ireland text more. On top of this, uSwitch's research shows that almost three quarters of households (71%) spend more than 10 hours a week online. And it's here that many are now chatting instead. Over half (55%) spend up to two hours a week emailing, while a quarter (25%) spend between 3 and 5 hours on email.

Brits have also taken to online social networking like the proverbial duck to water - over half (55%) spend time chatting and networking on forums, MSN Messenger or sites like Facebook. On average households spend two hours a week in this way, but over one in ten (12%) spend 3 to 5 hours socialising online while a hardcore 11% spend over 6 hours a week.

Jason Glynn, communications expert at uSwitch.com, comments: "We used to have time to talk, but today it.s all about communicating quickly and easily with more than one person at a time. By using emails, text messages and social networking sites people feel like they are staying in touch with family and friends while still saving valuable time. In reality, they are communicating on their own terms, choosing the time and place that suits them and staying in control by limiting the chances of a lengthy inconvenient conversation."

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