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Nearly Half of Americans Want a Single Mobile Device for All Services

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Forty percent of US consumers strongly prefer to have a single mobile device that can deliver access to many different types of content, reports a study by Data Development Worldwide. The report also showed that consumers were considering a broad range of devices for their likely next purchase, with ultra light laptops and smart phones leading the pack. Full sized laptops, GPS devices, and netbook computers (in that order) rounded out the top five.

"Growth strategies often do not take into account consumers making trade-offs across different device categories," says Chip Lister, managing director of DDW. "It is essential that marketers ensure they have data that can identify which products and brands are potential substitutes rather than set up a design around preconceptions of how the market is structured."

The study shows that while consumers are looking for a versatile device, they have definite preferences for capabilities on each type of device. For example, those interested in purchasing a smart phone were not as likely to use it for online banking. Consumers most interested in an ultra light laptop were not expecting to use it for text messaging.

"Just because technology makes a capability possible doesn't mean that consumers will value it," says Lister. "The device with the right mix of capabilities delivered at the right price point is going to win in this market."

DDW's study, conducted in June 2009, surveyed U.S. consumers who were likely to make a mobile device purchase in the next three months.

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