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More Americans Using Their Mobile Phones For Matters Of The Heart

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

So much for whispering sweet nothings. It seems that texting and social networking sites may be the new way to show you care and that you don't. A recent survey of 500 Americans aged 18 and above carried out by Nokia USA, found that nearly two thirds (64%) of them have made a date via text messaging. But it's not only for good news that they're using technology. When a relationship goes south, they turn to technology to break the news Roughly one in every 10 (11%) of Americans have used text messaging to end a romantic relationship and 7 percent have ended a relationship via a social networking site on their mobile device.

In addition, thirty-two percent of respondents said they have answered a text message during a romantic dinner and more than one in 10 (11%) have interrupted a romantic engagement or dinner to respond to a social networking message.

Texting Takes Over

People seem to love to stay in touch while on the move whether they're in a relationship or not. In fact, the survey, commissioned by Nokia, found that more than two-thirds of respondents (69%) send text messages at least once a day and about one-quarter access a social networking site from their phone daily.

And, perhaps more surprising, more than half of respondents would choose texting or e-mailing if they had to use only one communication method for two weeks. Making voice calls as the only means of communicating for two weeks trailed in second place.

Getting Down To Business

According to the survey, messaging and social networking are even used to stay ahead in a tough economy. Eleven percent said they have secured a business deal via text and 6 percent have successfully used a social networking site such as Facebook to find new business.

And when bad business news does strike, people tend to reach for their mobile phone and text their news. Nearly one in three, or 29 percent, say it is acceptable to tell friends or family they just got laid off via text message. About 12 percent have actually done it.

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