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Nokia is Top-Brand for Teenagers - But Support Slipping

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Nokia is the number one mobile phone brand according to 112,000 teenagers, across 30 markets, who took part in the Global Habbo Youth Survey Brand Update 2009 (GHYS). Despite a third consecutive year at the top of the chart, Nokia has lost teen support year on year.

In 2009, 21 per cent of teens named Nokia the number one favorite, compared to 29 per cent in 2008. Nokia's recently announced drop in market share becomes even more apparent when looking at specific markets. Nokia is number one in only 13 countries(1), down from 15 last year.

Sony Ericsson is number two globally and number one in nine countries(2), including Austria, Germany and the UK, up from eight countries(3) last year. Sony Ericsson's overall lead has also dropped. In 2009, 18 per cent of the world's teens listed Sony Ericsson as their favorite, compared to 21 per cent the previous year.

Motorola has had the most dramatic loss of teen support, compared to its rival manufacturers. In GHYS 2008, Motorola was the third favorite global brand, number one in Canada and Brazil, and number two in seven other countries(4). This year Motorola does not make the list of top five global brands (dropping to sixth), and has fallen to sixth and third place in Canada and Brazil, respectively.

Samsung, LG and Apple are chasing Nokia and Sony Ericsson in the global list. All three brands have moved up in the league table since last year. Apple, at number five, did not appear in the global top ten last year. Blackberry also enters the top ten for the first time, representing the greater mainstream appeal of smart phones.

  • (1) Nokia number one mobile brand in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela
  • (2) Sony Ericsson Number One Countries in 2009: Austria, Denmark, Domincan Republic, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
  • (3) Sony Ericsson Number One Countries 2008: Denmark, Germany, UK, Ireland,, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Domincan Republic, Mexico
  • (4) Motorola Number Two brand in 2008: Argentina, Australia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain, Venezuela

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