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EDGE Evolution Will Drive EDGE as a Mobile Broadband Alternative

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The latest variant of EDGE will further cement the GSM family set of technologies as viable options for upgrading mobile networks throughout the world, according to a new Visant Strategies report. The impact of EDGE Evolution on both emerging and established mobile markets will be apparent during the next five years, the study finds, as the technology offers robustness at an attractive price point.

"EDGE has always been a good alternative for many mobile networks and now EDGE Evolution makes it an even stronger hand," said Andy Fuertes of Visant Strategies. "While many are going forward with WCDMA LTE, many others are now looking at EDGE Evolution and its improvements on EDGE and how, for such a lower cost, it can deliver many things needed in the mobile network today; high speeds, good data carriage and an attractive price per subscriber."

"EDGE Evolution makes sense in mobile markets throughout the world, especially in those that have a lot of subscribers who are looking for excellent voice and appreciable data speeds at a reasonable price, and as the mobile penetration rate continues to climb, it is these kinds of subscribers that are going to be available," said Larry Swasey of Visant Strategies.

EDGE Evolution, for example, will account for almost 15% of all subscribers in 2015, according to Visant Strategies, while EDGE subscribers, those not yet utilizing EDGE Evolution, will account for almost 20% of all mobile subscribers in 2015. The report also finds the Asia-Pacific, Middle East/Africa and Latin America regions will lead in EDGE Evolution base station deployments through 2015.

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