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Free-to-air mobile TV services hold the key to the consumer adoption

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Industry momentum is gathering behind the need for a free component that will drive the mass adoption of mobile TV. Last week the president of the FLO Forum, an organisation supporting one of the emerging mobile TV standards, endorsed the view that mobile TV needs a free element if it is going to develop and thrive. Telegent Systems, the company that has already enabled free to air mobile TV on 20 million handsets around the world, welcomes the viewpoint that free services will play a vital role in developing the market and provide the launch pad for paid for elements.

Weijie Yun, the president and co-founder of Telegent Systems, believes the fundamental challenge facing the industry is to build consumer acceptance of TV on the mobile platform. Free-to-air TV broadcast mobile TV that does not require significant CAPEX or OPEX investment has already proven itself to be capable of developing mass market audiences.

Yun, commented: "We believe that free-to-air broadcast TV is necessary for the widespread mobile TV adoption. Premium services obviously have a role to play but their introduction to the market is made much easier if a loyal audience is already in place. We have carried out a number of independent surveys across global markets and they all point to the same conclusion, people want to be able to access free and familiar content as if they were watching TV at home. Our latest research, conducted in markets around the world, indicates that mobile subscribers are willing to spend an average of thirty minutes during a single session watching TV on their handset."

He concluded: "The delivery of free-to-air broadcast mobile TV can be swift and cost effective. Operators will be able to harness the existing broadcast ecosystem by tapping into the terrestrial analogue and digital frequencies that are already out there"

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