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USB Modem Cost for 3G Connections in Latin America More Than US$53

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Signals Telecom Consulting has published a report which analyzes the offer of Internet access via 3G connections from 20 mobile operators in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. One important differentiation factor in unlimited packages is the type of device used to gain access to the network.

"For example, Movistar México is able to make access available from non-telephone terminals, while Iusacell and Telcel have offered plans for access from different types of devices, providing access to other services as well as wireless Internet access," stated Carlos Blanco, Market Research Director at Signals Telecom Consulting and author of the report.

The report notes that operators offering packages according to access speed in general possess a menu with more than one available speed. Nevertheless, as there are no minimum speed guarantees, the differences between the different packages of the same operator become diluted. "Another problem with speed-based packages is that they have a consumption cap as from which full navigation is hindered. The problem is that once the consumption cap has been reached the new speed is the same for all packages, regardless of the speed of origin," Blanco added.

Packages with consumption caps make the complementation between fixed broadband access and 3G more visible. A system for controlling real costs -such as those that exist in the case of telephony- could make this complementation more effective. Movistar and Personal in Argentina and Ancel in Uruguay are three of the operators that have launched plans integrating 3G to their DSL offer with very attractive final prices.

Average 3G USB Modem Price

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