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Mobile Operators Confirm Commitment to Mobile Linux Based Phones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Mobile Linux group, the LiMo Foundation has announced a commitment from six major operator members to specify and deliver mobile phones using LiMo Platform implementations in 2009.

The major operators planning such deployment of LiMo devices include NTT DoCoMo, Orange, SK Telecom, Telefónica, Verizon Wireless and Vodafone, all of which have a substantial on-going role in shaping the LiMo Platform roadmap. Further active operator participants within LiMo Foundation include KTF, SFR, Softbank Mobile, Swisscom, and Telecom Italia.

"The powerful commitments being made by LiMo's operator members clearly demonstrates that the LiMo Platform is delivering a highly efficient, consistent and flexible code base that can be optimized to meet the market and technical requirements of major mobile operators," said Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation. "This also signals substantial growth and opportunity for OEMs and developers to create devices and applications that meet the needs of major operators."

The LiMo handsets deployed by LiMo's operator members will be based on the latest version of the LiMo Platform, which includes contributions of middleware frameworks by leading OEMs, ISVs and platform providers, as well as technologies developed by open source communities. To date 33 commercial handset models have been certified as LiMo Compliant.

"The mobile industry's shift toward true openness has come another step closer to being realized and major operators from around the globe continue to back the LiMo Foundation," said Dr. Malik Kamal-Saadi, Principal Analyst of Handsets and Devices at Informa. "As more and more companies jump on the open source bandwagon, industry unification around mobile Linux is expected to gain momentum, enabling the delivery of next-generation handsets and new waves of innovative applications that will provide consumers with a truly personalized mobile web experience."

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