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London Underground Gets Emergency Radio Network

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A TETRA based radio network is now working across the entire of London's underground railway network it was announced today. The Airwave system will be made available to the police initially, and later to other emergency services and was a key recommendation of the report following the terrorist attacks in London a couple of years ago.

The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has worked with London Underground and suppliers to make Airwave work in all London Underground stations. Airwave in the London Underground works in conjunction with London Underground's own communications system, Connect.

Managing Director of London Underground, Tim O'Toole said "London Underground (LU) and the Home Office together with partners had the foresight to fund works to facilitate the link-up between Airwave and our new radio system prior to the Airwave contract being signed because of the benefits we knew it would deliver. It is a great achievement that not only has Airwave been delivered across the Tube network but that it has been delivered five months ahead of schedule."

Airwave was originally created by the UK mobile operator, O2 as a national private radio network for the emergency services. It was sold by Telefonica following its acquisition of O2 - and is now owned by Guardian Digital Communications, a new company wholly owned by two Macquarie Bank-managed funds.

London's underground network of 270 stations has 249 miles (402km) of track, of which 112 miles (181 km) is in tunnels.

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