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More Rumours of a Nokia Laptop Computer

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Rumours that Nokia may start production of its own brand laptop computers have resurfaced after UBS analyst Maynard Um issued a research note saying that it was increasingly likely to happen

"Given the rise of net-books/dongles sales, convergence between high-end mobile phones and laptops, and forays by computer manufacturers (Apple, HP) into smartphones, we think it is only a matter of time before Nokia launches notebook type devices," Um wrote in the note - warning that they he does not expect a product to hit the shops until Q3 2009 at the earliest.

"Our checks indicate Nokia may be working on a 9"-10" notebook/tablet PC with a second OLED display, touchpad, near field communication (NFC) capability, HDMI out, and Linux OS. Given its seemingly higher end functionality, we do not think it will compete in the traditional netbook (~US$400) market."

There were rumours around April this year that Nokia was looking at launching a range of computers - but this was firmly refuted at the time by Nokia's global marketing VP, Anssi Vanjoki.

Vanjoki said: "I have heard the rumours and I can categorically say Nokia is not entering the laptop market." Although Apple is known for selling laptop computers, Vanjoki said: "They sell some Notebooks, but the growth is from iPods. I don't think they're having commercial success with Notebooks."

It is worth noting though that Nokia sold computers in the past.

In the mid 1980's Nokia had a PC division, and merged it with Ericsson Information Systems, whose origins lay in the purchase by Ericsson of the computer business of Saab. The merged company, Nokia Data was later sold to UK based ICL in 1991 - and later became part of the larger Fujitsu group.

Nokia Data's most notable computer was the MikroMikko 1 - which was sold around the world.

Ericsson for its part sold mainly IBM compatible computers - and even launched a laptop (by the standards of the time) in 1985.

Nokia MikroMikko 1 (credit Mika Ojutkangas)

Ericsson Portable PC (credit Datasalen)

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