Mobile TV Trial Comes to an End in Singapore

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After 18 months Singapore Digital's TV2GO mobile TV trial will shut down at the end of this month in preparation for a possible commercial launch. Aimed at providing technical experience in the implementation and operation of digital video broadcasting handheld (DVB H) services the TV2GO trial has also enabled a range of interactive services to be road tested. This has allowed Singapore Digital a digital broadcast services company to obtain market feedback on new mobile TV applications content and viewing habits.

According to Singapore Digital CEO Giulio Dorrucci, the TV2GO trial has revealed a great deal about how mobile TV technology performs in high-density living environments, and the challenge of providing high-quality coverage indoors.

"We have conducted extensive field-testing in regions surrounding apartment blocks and shopping centres to gain insight into the degree of signal penetration by the outdoor network," Dorrucci said. "The unique layout of HDB apartment blocks poses special challenges for reception on mobile devices; the field data from the trial provides the critical information that will allow Singapore Digital to factor this in during planning to deliver high quality mobile TV networks.

"We're very interested in what consumers will be expecting from a commercial service," Dorrucci added. "A high proportion of mobile TV content is viewed indoors, so it's going to be critical to design commercial networks that provide high-quality reception on handsets inside buildings and on public transport."

Dorrucci said that the timing was now right to cease the trial and to start considering the next steps towards commercial network deployment. "The TV2GO trial has equipped Singapore Digital with the all-important experience and insight into how mobile TV networks need to be designed and deployed,"

Freely available to anyone in Singapore with a DVB-H enabled handset, the TV2GO service has trialled a variety of content and interactive functionality. Content providers have included CNBC, Bloomberg, Disney, ESPN and WOWTV by Kamera; plus viewers could also experience interactive chat-room services, on-demand videos and web-links, teletext-to-mobile, and real-time voting on reality TV shows. Vital to the success of the trial was the expertise of technology partners Nokia and Sofia Digital, and integration partner, NCS.

Having met the objectives of the trial, Singapore Digital is now looking forward to Singapore's Media Development Authority (MDA) announcing their plans for mobile TV licences in the UHF band. This is expected in early 2009. "We are committed to actively participating in the licensing and development of digital TV services in Singapore," Dorrucci said. "We look forward to the opportunity of working with the MDA to leverage our extensive mobile TV experience."

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