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Sprint Nextel Staff to Sue Over Unpaid Sales Commissions

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A US Federal Judge has approved a lawsuit against Sprint Nextel which will act on behalf of over 19,000 current and former Sprint Nextel retail shop staff who are suing the firm for allegedly shorting them on sales commissions.

The lawsuit is claiming that due to computer problems caused by the integration of Sprint PCS and Nextel backend systems, the shop staff didn't receive hundreds of dollars each month in commissions they were entitled to. The lawsuit estimates that the shop staff typically lost commissions of US$100 to US$500 a month.

In subsequent court filings, Sprint has denied the allegations brought by the plaintiffs.

The Court has ordered Sprint to provide Nichols Kaster, the lawyers handling the case, with the names and last known contact information for these employees so that they can send them notice of the class-action. They said that they are also currently working with Sprint to get the data they need to figure out how much the class members are due in unpaid commissions.

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