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Large-scale deployment of WiMAX and WiFi with satellite backhaul in Brazil

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Hughes Network Systems says that it has won a public tender and signed a 3 year contract to deploy a turnkey broadband network solution that combines WiMAX and WiFi access technologies with satellite backhaul in the Brazilian State of Amazonas. Using this, PRODAM will provide high speed wireless Internet access service to customers throughout all 61 municipalities of Amazonas, including government agencies, small businesses, and the public at large.

Covered by its huge rainforest and with the world's most voluminous river, the State of Amazonas presents a significant challenge for delivery of high-speed Internet service on such a large and complex geographic scale. The project calls for Hughes to install and operate WiMAX and WiFi wireless base stations in every municipality, together with over 900 wireless customer premises terminals, all as an integrated service delivered over its nationwide HughesNet broadband satellite network.

Each base station includes a high performance, Hughes HX broadband satellite router, which manages the backhauling of the IP traffic over satellite channels to the HX hub located in Manaus, the state capital. In Manaus, the hub is connected to PRODAM's data center and to the Internet.

"We govern an immense state that has continental dimensions," said Eduardo Braga, governor of the State of Amazonas. "This technology will enhance our ability to better govern the entire territory, improving the dissemination of information to our citizens and assisting decision making in all areas of the administration, be it health, education, public security, or the environment."

The contract calls for completion of the installation process within twelve months. In the first phase, 15 municipalities will receive the service, which includes the WiMAX network connecting various public agencies and a Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless public Internet access.

"Within 90 days of contract signature, the municipalities of Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Tef, and Tabatinga will be up and running. In 200 days we will have all of the first phase operational, followed by the other 46 municipalities in the second phase," said Delio Morais , president of Hughes do Brasil. "Our plan is to make the service available in five municipalities per month, so that by January 2010, the project should be concluded and the connectivity problems in the State of Amazonas will be solved."

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