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Chinese Projector Mobile Phone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple, Motorola and Nokia heads take note ... the next innovation leader you could face probably won't come from Japan or the US, but China. A projector phone's release, an entire month ahead of the release of the hand held projector, is just one more sign that more cell phone innovations will come from mainland China.

The cell phone with projector features is just one of the innovative designs and concepts coming out of Chinese cell phone makers and china cellphone wholesale companies these days.

A Taiwanese company is making the first Google Android run handset and one Chinese company has even started work on solar powered mobile phones.

China cellphone wholesale companies have not lagged in the innovation stakes. Amy Liu, the PR manager for phone wholesaler, Actfind, was surprised at the hole in the market for a model of mobile phone with projector because people did so much with their phones.

"People simply want to see and do more with their screens," said Amy Liu. Actfind's projector phone gives people a lot more screen to look at ... approximately 80cm x 100cm, in fact.

Amy Liu said what was especially good about the projector phone was none of the functionality of the multimedia mobile phone had been lost.

"The projector phone does everything a cell phone and a projector does," according to Amy Liu. "The projector phone has just combined those two things to make one of the most convergent, innovative phones on the market today."

Amy Liu said the projector phone did everything an international smart phone did, it also projected images from the screen onto a flat surface as well.

According to Amy Liu it hadn't been the first time Actfind had got a source for such an innovative product. "Actfind is always on the lookout for the newest, latest and greatest in gadgets coming out of China," said Amy Liu.

Projector Phones

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