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WiMAX Coverage for Oil and Gas Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

ERF Wireless which focuses on services for the energy industry says that it has been granted a 3.65 GHz WiMAX capable license and plans to start deploying networks in selected WISP and oil and gas markets across Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, where the company is already expanding its wireless footprint.

The firm said that it is also partnering with other companies that will make additional licensed spectrum available in the 2.5 GHz band.

"The adoption of WiMAX technology is a critical part of our current network expansion strategy," said ERF Wireless CEO, Dr. H. Dean Cubley. "We've been monitoring the progress of WiMAX technology for some time, and until now we've felt that the cost and maturity of the technology were not favorable for large-scale network deployment. However, in the past six months, there have been some dramatic improvements in both the technology and its cost-effectiveness. As a result, we are evaluating WiMAX equipment from various vendors as we prepare to deploy WiMAX at selected locations in our networks where this new technology will be most effective."

Dr. Cubley went on to note that one of the most compelling reasons for deployment of this new licensed frequency band is its ability to eliminate the problems of frequency congestion and interference, particularly in areas where the "unlicensed" spectrum is under heavy usage.

"For example, many of the larger oil and gas companies recognize that the availability of a new, licensed high-capacity wireless technology such as WiMAX will provide a more secure, robust and cost-effective data pipeline that's essential for the expansion of wireless broadband into their most active exploration, drilling and production areas," said Dr. Cubley. "ERF Wireless believes this is a very opportune time to add WiMAX capabilities to our extensive existing wireless footprint and our major customers are in total agreement."

Current coverage map.Oil in blue - gas in red

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