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Shouting on mobiles is still most annoying trait

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A new survey from low cost MVNO, easyMobile shows that speaking too loudly on mobile phones remains the most irritating thing about people using them in public. The easyMobile.com Modern Mobile Manners survey reveals that more than half of those questioned found loud talking more annoying than ringtones or even taking calls while at the dinner table.

Nearly two thirds of those researched ignored calls from people when they saw who it was that was calling - with more than 80% lying about it afterwards. And more than three quarters regularly answered calls while having a meal with friends and colleagues - despite 60% of those same individuals thinking this was a sign of bad manners.

The survey also revealed that three quarters of us thinks the general public care less about good manners in every day life since technology has become a main staple of communication.

Etiquette expert William Hanson said: "Using mobile phones is an essential way of keeping in touch in today's modern world. "But there are many ways in which basic manners are not adhered to because the speed and convenience of the way we now interact.

"Simple things such as moving away from a crowded area to take a call, keeping your voice down and respecting people with the language and information you use on the phone are simple ways to ensure good manners."

Anthony Robb-John, managing director of easyGroup - the company that runs easyMobile, said: "As an international low cost call operator easyMobile.com knows that good manners are universally appreciated no matter where you're calling from."

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